Alex Wasserman

Co-Founder & CEO at TapFwd

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Why What We Do At TapFwd Matters

Online advertising has come a long way over the years. A person used to call another person and pay that person to place an ad on a website. There was nothing sophisticated about the process, and companies had virtually no visibility into who was seeing their ads.

Today, more and more online advertising takes place via real-time bidding, where smart technology companies use a lot of data to make good decisions about who is seeing what ad. Advertisers have visibility into what’s going on, user experience has improved a ton, and real value is being created.

This is a good thing. We get to see content, for free, in exchange for seeing ads on websites - ads are the underlying currency of the Internet. As advertising technology improves, more and more ad dollars are spent, expanding the pie and making room for more cool companies to exist who don’t need to charge their users.

Today in...

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Go Cray Cray

You’ve been told you were crazy your whole life.

“(Insert your name), you’re crazy, I love you, but who do you think you are? Sure sure, you’re going to make remote control aircraft that deliver pizza 24 hours a day. Right…”

If you think everyone else in the room is crazy for not thinking it’s possible, are you really the crazy one?

The answer to this question is irrelevant (and I also hate labels :)

The real question is, assuming we each only have one go on this earth, do you want to die knowing you made the impossible possible?

Do you want to climb a real and/or metaphorical peak that others look at only from their air conditioned vehicles - taking nice pictures of the mountain and moving on with their lives while you struggle your way up it, no one around but you and your close friends - breathing air so fresh that if you weren’t there breathing it yourself, you wouldn’t...

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